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Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries or orders






Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries or orders





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Carbon Fiber 4.0 Nitrous Kit

Includes Carbon Fiber bottle that holds 4.0 lbs of nitrous This bottle weighs the same as the 2.5 lb Al bottle and holds 1.6 lb more nitrous.  Complete with everything you need.  We have bottle brackets that will fit most installations.


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Carbon Fiber 2.9 Nitrous Kit

Includes Carbon Fiber bottle that holds 2.9 lbs of nitrous.  This bottle weighs 1/2 lb less than the 2.5 lb Al bottle and holds 1/2 lb more nitrous.  Complete with everything you need.  We have bottle brackets that will fit most installations.


Aluminum Nitrous Kit.jpg (47763 bytes)

Aluminum Nitrous Kit

BoonDocker Aluminum bottle nitrous kit for Snowmobiles.  Complete with everything you need.  We have bottle brackets that will fit most installations.


BoonDocker's EFI Control Box

BoonDocker control box Nitrous Capable, for aftermarket fuel mapping.





Q: Is the BoonDocker Nitrous System safe for my motor?

A: Because the nitrous is only used when it is needed, this system is safer for your motor than other performance modifications that will stress the motor constantly (such as pipes, porting, heads, etc).  We have looked at many motors after a season of nitrous use and we have not found any noticeable additional wear.  A properly installed and tuned BoonDocker system can allow the motor to last the same as without nitrous.


Q: Can this system be used with aftermarket mods (pipes, heads, porting, turbo, etc)?

A: We have found that the BoonDocker system works well with most performance enhancements as long as good octane fuel is used (we strongly recommend increasing octane with race gas or race gas concentrate).  Some modifications that greatly increase the compression may require reducing the compression ratio, require higher octane fuel, and/or require less ignition timing advance so detonation does not occur.  Motors that are modified to run on the "edge" require careful tuning and nitrous use will require that the tuner be experienced with proper spark plug gap / heat range, timing, jetting, octane requirements, etc.


Q: What about my clutching? (snowmobiles)

A: The BoonDocker system is designed to provide a moderate horsepower gain that does not require changes to an already properly clutched machine.  When nitrous is applied, the engine revs will increase by about 200-400 rpms, which is fine for short durations, increasing acceleration.  Our goal is to allow the sled to perform at it's peak without nitrous, but also allow short bursts of additional power when acceleration or increased track speed is needed.


Q: How long does a bottle last?

A: For most applications, nitrous is used at a rate of 1 lb per minute of use for a 20-25hp gain so a 2.5 lb bottle = 2.5 minutes (about 30 5-second uses).  If used sparingly a 2.5lb bottle can last all day.


Q: Where can I refill my bottle and what will it cost?

A: Most auto performance shops carry nitrous and many ATV/snowmobile dealers will carry it soon.  Typically a 2.5lb bottle will cost $11-$16 to refill ($5.00 - $8.00 lb).  We also sell a portable 20lb bottle that can be used to refill bottles that is complete with a transfer line, filter, and digital scale.


Q: How easy is the BoonDocker Nitrous System to install?

A: This system is designed to be quick and simple to install.  Most installations can be performed in 2 hours or less by an experienced mechanic using basic tools.


Q: What machines can use the BoonDocker Nitrous System?

A: This system will work on most ATVs, dirt bikes, and snowmobiles that use simple carburetion, but for engines that are fuel injected, please check with BoonDocker.


Q: Where can I mount the nitrous bottle and can I hide it for a stealth installation?

A: ATV's are rarely a problem - the bottle can usually fit in the rear or up front.  Motorcycles can sometimes be a challenge, locations near the handlebars or engine are possible.  We have completed several stealth installations where the bottle is hidden inside the airbox on dirt bikes, or under the seat on ATVs.  We have many small size bottles to choose from and we can give suggestions on how to perform difficult or stealthy installs.  For snowmobiles we have brackets available for many popular models that will allow the bottle to be mounted under the hood near the chaincase (the heat from the exhaust keeps the bottle warm).


Q: Why is the nitrous injected before the carburetors in the airbox instead of after as in conventional Nitrous systems?

A:  After extensive testing, Rocky Young found it very difficult to get consistent results when injecting nitrous and fuel together in the conventional way (often resulting in engine damage).  Then Rocky discovered that by injecting nitrous into the airbox, the engine consumed only the nitrous that was needed when it was needed, and by increasing pressure inside the carburetor float bowl at the same time, extra fuel could be delivered simultaneously.  This was the only way he could produce consistent and reliable results using nitrous on a snowmobile - ventures into far off, hard to reach powder bowls could now be undertaken with confidence!  Rejetting is not required, the extra fuel pump and fuel solenoid are eliminated, and the bottle heater can be eliminated (nitrous and fuel delivery both change with bottle pressure, so constant N20 pressure is not as critical). Rocky also discovered that when nitrous is sprayed from any conventional jet that is made from metal, N20 ice crystals are produced which can quickly damage an engine.  Considerable time was spent researching and developing the BoonDocker Nitrous system so it will disperse nitrous evenly and consistently without creating N20 ice crystals.

Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries or orders



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