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Sir Thomas Powell                              Abt.1600 – Abt. 1688                      Was Knighted by King James II in 1688 and was one of the Judges on Kings Bench.  He was one of the Judges in the great trial of the seven bishops, defied the wrath of James II and liberated the holy men.    (7th. G-grandfather to Robert P. Kennedy)

Wife:   ??


Thomas Powell                                    Aug. 1641-Dec. 28, 1721                He espoused the Quaker faith and went to America. He settled in New York State.    (6th. G-grandfather to Robert P. Kennedy)

William Powell                                    1658-1738                                        B: Wales    1st. Powell to live at Nantoes Mansion, Aberystwythth in 1705.    He married Averina Le Brun (1675-1728)        (6th. G-granduncle to Robert P. Kennedy)


Thomas Powell                                     Aug. 1641-Dec. 28, 1721                              B: Wales

Wife: #1                                                                                         Marriage: 1664

Abigail Wood                                       1648-1688                            


Thomas, 2                                              Nov. 06, 1665-Sep. 27, 1731





Caleb, 1Powell                                      1676-1741                                       B: Huntington, Long Island, NY




Caleb, 1Powell                                      1676-1741    (5th. G-grandfather to Robert P. Kennedy)


Sarah  ??




Caleb, 2Powell                                      Bef. 1726                                         B: Huntington, Long Island, NY


Caleb, 2 Powell                                     Bef. 1726    (4th. G-grandfather to Robert P. Kennedy)

Wife:# 1                                                                                         Marriage: Nov. 1742

Clement Hallock                                  1723-??                                   


Caleb                                                      1743

Solomon                                                1745

Sarah                                                      Abt. 1747

Jerusha                                                   1749

Isaac                                                        1752

James Powell                                        1755                              Quaker        B: Clinton Corners, NY

??                                                             1758


James Powell                                        1755    (3rd. G-grandfather to Robert P. Kennedy)

Wife:                                                                                              Marriage: Mar. 29,1781

Elizabeth Smith                                    Abt. 1755                            





Daughter ??

Deborah Powell                                   Dec. 23, 1795-Aug. 08, 1862


Deborah Powell                                   Dec. 23, 1795-Aug. 08, 1862           B: Province of Nova Scotia now Richibucto area of  New Brunswick    (2nd. G-grandmother to Robert P. Kennedy)           

Husband:                                                                                      Marriage: Apr. 04,1815

Samuel Cochrane                                Jun. 29, 1793-Jul. 04, 1879               B: Cambridge, Vermont    (2nd. G-grandfather to Robert P. Kennedy)


Smith Cochrane                                    Feb. 1816

Henry Cochrane                                   Apr. 22, 1818

James Cochrane                                    Apr. 25, 1820

Caroline Cochrane                               Apr. 30, 1822

Clarissa (Clara) Cochrane                   Apr. 26, 1824

Abraham Cochrane                              Dec. 05, 1827

Phoebe Ann Cochrane                         Jan. 12, 1832

Elizabeth Cochrane                              Apr. 18, 1835

Samuel H. Cochrane                           Jan. 20,1837                                     B: Whitby, Ontario Canada 

William Maurice Cochrane               May 20, 1844-Oct. 16, 1900            B: Whitby, Ontario Canada


Samuel H. Cochrane                           Jan. 20,1837                                     Attorney    Great-granduncle to Robert P. Kennedy.

Wife:                                                                                              Marriage: Mar. 17, 1860

Emily-Ann (Emma) Stone                   Jul. 12, 1839-1919                           (Cousin to Adelaide Gallagher and Caroline Stone.    Grandaunt to Robert P. Kennedy).


Emily A. Cochrane

Florence Cochrane

Clara Cochrane

Mabel B. Cochrane


William Maurice Cochrane               May 20, 1844-Oct. 16, 1900           Attorney    (G-grandfather to Robert P. Kennedy)

Wife:                                                                                              Marriage: 1866

 Addie Gallagher

Adelaide (Addie) Gallagher               Dec. 06, 1848-Sep. 20, 1920           B: Whitby, Ontario Canada        (Cousin to Emily-Ann (Emma) Stone and Caroline Stone.     G-grandmother to Robert P. Kennedy)


Catherine Viola (Kate) Cochrane     Aug. 01, 1867- Jul.17, 1940            B: Port Perry, Ontario

Laura Etta Cochrane

Walter Blair Cochrane                                          1869 - 1936                               Lawyer, was in partnership with Judge Hugh St. Quentin Cayley (his brother-in-law) in Grand Forks 1899,  He was a Police Magistrate for Grand Forks and Stipendiary Magistrate for Yale 1903. He was Sheriff for the County of Vancouver 1929-1934.    (Granduncle to Robert P. Kennedy)

Minnie (Maud) Cochrane

Leonora Adelaide (Nora) Cochrane  May 12, 1873-May 21, 1934          B: Port Perry, Ontario

Maurice Bothwell Cochrane                            1876 - 1950                                       Sheriff of Vancouver, BC.  In 1886 at age 10 he and his father William Maurice travelled across the United States and up to New Westminster, BC, to the (James) Kennedy's.  They were their in 1886 when Vancouver was destroyed by fire.    (Granduncle to Robert P. Kennedy) 

Arthur Ormiston                                                                                            MLA for North Okanagan

Frank Burnham


b_01839 Mrs. A. G. Pemberton photo.gif (75601 bytes)

  Kate Cochrane

Catherine Viola (Kate) Cochrane      Aug. 01, 1867-Jul. 17, 1940            B: Port Perry, Ontario    (Grandmother to Robert P. Kennedy)

Husband:                                                                                      Marriage: Sep. 15, 1888  

b_01838 Arthur G. Pemberton.gif (92026 bytes)

Arthur G. W. Pemberton

Arthur Gore William Pemberton      Nov. 17, 1841-Oct. 08, 1907            B: London, England    Sheriff of Yale County.    Brother-in-law to Judge Clement F. Cornwall who later became Lieutenant-governor of BC.    Cousin to Joseph D. Pemberton who was a past member of the first House of Assembly,  the Surveyor-general, pass member of the Executive and Legislative Councils.    (Nephew to Augustus F. Pemberton), who was Magistrate and Commissioner of Police.    (Grandfather to Robert P. Kennedy)


FannyPemberton_age_21.jpg (45280 bytes)


Fanny Viola Pemberton                     May 25, 1890-1986                          B: Kamloops, BC


Fanny Viola Pemberton                     May 25, 1890-1986    (Mother to Robert P. Kennedy)

Husband:                                                                                      Marriage: 1911

Robert Kennedy

Robert Kennedy                                 Aug. 15, 1861-Nov.11, 1946            B: New Westminster, BC                                                                                


Robert Pemberton Kennedy            May 15, 1912-Jul. 13,1996               B: New Westminster, BC


Leonora Adelaide (Nora) Cochrane May 12, 1873-May 21, 1934           B: Port Perry, Ontario    (Grandaunt to Robert P. Kennedy)

Husband:                                                                                      Marriage: Sep. 06, 1897

Hon. Hugh St. Quentin Cayley          Nov. 19,1857-Apr. 13,1934            Senior County Court Judge


Beverley Cochrane Cayley                Abt. Oct. 25, 1898-1930                  Mt. Cayley named for him.    (1st. cousin once removed to Robert P. Kennedy)


Caleb, 2 Powell                                     1723                                          B: Huntington, Long Island, NY    In 1783 he travelled from the State of New York with his wife and six sons and their wives to New Brunswick Canada ; their other six children having taken the opposite side in the American Revolution. Note: The sons may have been - Solomon, James, Abraham, Jacob, Lewis and Rueban.    (4th. G-grandfather to Robert P. Kennedy)

Wife:# 2                                                                                         Marriage: Abt. 1762

Mary Weeks                    





James Powell                                        1755

Abraham Powell                                 1763-1849                      (1st. child with 2nd. Wife)







Abraham Powell                                  1763-1849                                        He was a loyalist, was born in Clinton Corners, in the province of New York and died in Norfolk.    (Half 3rd. g-granduncle to Robert P. Kennedy)

Wife:                                                                                              Marriage: 1784

Ruth Wood                             









Israel Wood Powell                             Jun. 21, 1801-Mar. 1852                 B: Long Point, Ontario    




Israel Wood Powell                             Jun. 21, 1801-Mar. 1852                  Sir John A. MacDonald, was a friend and old colleague of his.        Israel W. Powell was a warden of Norfork county, a lieutenant-colonel of militia, and represented Norfork county in the legislative assembly of Canada from 1840 till 1847.    (Half 1st. cousin 4X to Robert P. Kennedy


Melinda Boss                          


Walker Powell                                     May 20,1828-May 06, 1915             B: Waterford, Ontario



Dr. Israel Wood Powell                      Apr. 24, 1836-Feb. 25, 1915            B: Port Colborne, Ontario



Robert Baldwin



walkerpowell (427 x 620).jpg (29929 bytes)

Walker Powell

Walker Powell                                     May 20,1828-May 06, 1915             Adjutant-general of Canada.        Walker Powell was educated at Victoria college, and afterward engaged in commercial enterprises. In 1856 he was warden of Norfolk county, and its representative in the Canada assembly from 1857 till 1861. After a long previous connection with the Canadian militia Mr. Powell was appointed deputy adjutant-general of Upper Canada, 19 August, 1862; deputy adjutant-general for the Dominion at headquarters, 1 October, 1868; acting adjutant-general, 22 August, 1873; and adjutant-general, 21 April, 1875, which appointment he now (1888) holds.    (Half 2nd cousin 3X removed to Robert P. Kennedy).

Wife:                                                                                              Marriage: 1857

Mary Ursula Bowlby                          


Lonnie Emma

Charles Beckeley


FrederickHPowel (590 x 620).jpg (30324 bytes)

F. H. Powell

Frederick Hamilton Powell                              1861-Jan. 1925                           Frederick Hamilton Powell was born in Port Dover, Ontario in 1861. He was the son of Colonel Walker Powell, adjutant-general of the Canadian army and Member of Parliament. Colonel Walker had served with distinction in the Canadian militia and army and was a driving force behind the establishment of Canada’s first military academy

F. H. Powell was trained in medicine at McGill and received his MDCM (Masters of Surgery) in 1885. He was a member in good standing of The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. He was well traveled, having visited medical institutions in London, Paris and New York after his studies and became a licentiate of the Royal College of Physicians in London in 1886. Powell applied in 1884 to take possession of land in his home country of Canleton, but 1887 found him on his way West. 

Powell was appointed Assistant Surgeon in the summer of 1887, receiving his official commission in the fall of that year. His first assignment was as doctor for “D” Division of the NWMP, already on the march to Kootenay Post . Powell reported for duty with the division at Golden, BC, on July 7, 1887 although not officially commissioned until three months later. 

Shortly after his arrival at Kootenay Post, Powell began to see symptoms of a great epidemic, which was to sweep through his troops. During their time in Golden, BC, members of ‘D’ Division had contracted Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (Typhoid). Powell did what he could to contain the situation, but was himself struck with the disease on October 24th. This outbreak would eventually take the lives of four of “D” Division’s constables. 

Powell was an extremely able doctor and, after recovering from Typhoid, took care of the men of "D" Division. His care was so exemplary that Superintendent Sam Steele made extra effort in his annual report to comment on how much regard the men had for Asst. Surgeon Powell and vice versa. 

After departing Kootenay Post in 1888, Powell was re-assigned as medical officer for both ‘D’ and ‘H’ Divisions at Fort Macleod. In 1889, Dr. Powell was transferred to ‘A’ Division at Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, although he objected to the move. 

He spent nine more months in NWMP service before resigning his commission on May 31, 1889. Powell returned to the east and had taken up residence in Buffalo, New York by 1892. By 1924, Powell had returned to Ottawa where he passed away in January of 1925, at 63 years of age. (Fort Steele Heritage Town: Bio of F. H. Powell)    (Half 3rd cousin twice removed to R. P. Kennedy).

Edmund Arthur




Powell-IW.gif (109351 bytes)

I. W. Powell

Dr. Israel Wood Powell                        Apr. 24, 1836-Feb. 25, 1915    (Half 2nd. cousin 3X to Robert P. Kennedy)

Wife:                                                                                              Marriage: Jan. 25, 1865

Jane (Jennie) Branks                               Sep. 28, 1849-Mar. 10, 1928          B: New Zealand    (Sister to Kate Branks (Mrs. Forbes George Vernon)

Victoria, B.C., May 24th. 1866

(Birthday of Queen Victoria):

        The Governor gave a party at Cary Castle (Government House). Dancing went on till three in the morning. The Misses Kennedy (daughters of the Governor) sang the first verse of God Save the Queen, Major Franklin the second, and Miss Branks, a guest at Government House from San Francisco (later Mrs. Israel Wood Powell) followed with the third, the audience being completely electrified by the magnificence and highly cultivated voice possessed by this gifted young lady. Although a foreigner, Miss Branks did homage to our Queen with a degree of fervor which, heightened by the thrilling strains of her powerful voice, entranced her hearers.



Extracts from British Columbia Historical Quarterly of

January 1947 ---- by B. A. McKelvie:

        "Few men have made a greater contribution to the development of British Columbia or served the public more consistently then did Lt. Col. Israel Wood Powell, M.D., C.M.

        He was the first graduate in medicine from McGill University to practice on the West Coast. In the Field of his profession he distinguished himself as a capable practitioner, a fact that was recognized by his colleagues when he was selected as the first President of the Medical Council of British Columbia. He was foremost in his time as an educator, having been Chairman of the Board of Education and later Superintendent of Education for British Columbia. He actively supported Confederation when many were against the idea. He was the first Grand Master of the British Columbia Grand Lodge of the Masonic Order. He took part in organizing the first militia recognized by the Colonial Government. He was a member of the House of Assembly of Vancouver Island, the first Superintendent of Indian Affairs in British Columbia, and benefactor of the infant City of Vancouver.

        Powell River and Lake, and Powell Streets in Vancouver and Victoria were named after him in his lifetime, acknowledging his many public services. He is better remembered by his medical rather then by is military title, for he himself preferred to be designated by his title of Doctor rather then by the military title of Colonel.

        Dr. Powell was born at Port Colborne, Upper Canada, on April 24th, 1836. He was the fourth child in a family of seven boys and one girl born to Israel Wood Powell and his wife Melinda Boss. Dr. Powell was the grandson of Abraham Powell, a United Empire  Loyalist who had settled in the vicinity of Port Dover, Ontario, and great-grandson of Caleb Powell, who in 1783 travelled from the State of New York with his wife and six sons and their wives to New Brunswick; their other six children having taken the opposite side in the American Revolution. Dr. Powell's father later moved from Port Dover to Simcoe and became interested in shipping on Lake Erie and other of the Great Lakes. He was parliamentary representative of that vicinity for twenty-eight years prior to his death in 1852.

        Dr. Powell attended McGill University and graduated in 1860, and for a short time practiced at Port Dover, Ontario. Here he assisted in organizing Erie Lodge No. 149 of the Masons in 1861 and became the first Worshipful Master of that Lodge.

        The young Doctor left his native Upper Canada in 1862. At that time he was described as a young, 5 feet, ten inches in height, slight build, with a medium dark complexion. He was a good speaker, devoted to sports, and a good horseman. He was a member of the Church of England. He came to the West Coast by way of Panama, arriving at Victoria on May 13, 1862. It was his intention to go to New Zealand but two weeks later he decided to defer his trip to New Zealand and set up practice in Victoria. One of the testimonials he brought with him was from Sir John A. MacDonald, a friend and old colleague of his father. He was welcomed by his fellow Masons and assisted in the formation of Vancouver Lodge No. 421, now Vancouver Quadra Lodge No. 2.

           His practice grew from the outset. There were other good doctors in Victoria but Dr. Powell was soon getting a generous share of the practice.

        He was elected to the Legislature in 1864 where he took a great interest in educational matters. In 1865 he was appointed a member of the General Board of Education, in 1867 it's Chairman. He subsequently became Superintendent of Education, retiring in 1869.

        On January 25th, 1865 he married Miss Jane Branks at the home of Alex Munro. The ceremony was performed by the Minister of the Church of Scotland, for while Dr. Powell was an adherent of the Church of England his bride had been brought up as a Presbyterian. Dr. and Mrs. Powell occupied a comfortable residence at the corner of Douglas and Broughton Streets, and there eight of their nine children were born, the youngest being born at "Oakdene", a beautiful home that was later constructed on Vancouver Street at Burdett, and is now the residence of the Bishop of British Columbia.

        Dr. Powell's old medical books show that he was busily engaged in his profession. On January 25th, 1867 he drove out to Saanich and presided at the birth of a ten pound baby who became the Hon. Simon Fraser Tolmie, Premier of British Columbia.

        In 1867 he was appointed by the Grand Lodge of Scotland to be the high office of Provincial Grand Master of that Registry in British Columbia. He continued in that capacity until 1871 when the Grand Lodge of British Columbia was formed and he was made the first Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of British Columbia.

        He now prepared to visit his old home in 1871. It was his first trip away from British Columbia since his arrival in 1862. The Victoria Standard said "Dr. Powell leaves on the steamer today for Canada. He came here eight years ago a stranger, he leaves today with a host of friends. As a practitioner he holds a first-class position. Medically speaking, there is nothing second-rate about him, Dr. Powell fills the measure of a man and but few men in British Columbia are able to measure themselves with him."

        They arrived back in June 1871. The Doctor brought with him a new Canadian Ensign which he flew proudly on July 1st. and again on July 20th. when the Colony of British Columbia entered Confederation. It was the first emblem of the Dominion of Canada to be flown in Victoia.

        He was offered the position of the first Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia by Sir John A. MacDonald, but he declined. A seat in the Dominion Senate was offered, but he declined that too, stating that he wished to continue his professional practice. However, the following year Ottawa approached him once more with a request that his services be given to Canada, and he accepted the office of Superintendent of Indian Affairs and was given the rank of Lt. Colonel in the Militia. He strived for better medical services for the Indians and for educational facilities for the children. When he retired seventeen years later he was able to boast that seventeen Indian Schools had been founded and medical attention was available to Indians wherever possible. In fact in 1876 he took over the post of Medical Superintendent for the Indians in addition to his other duties. His work took him to all parts of British Columbia, and in 1874 he visited tribes in the Kootenays, Fraser, Thompson, Bonaparte, and Okanagan.

        He played an important part in the settlement of the troubles in 1887 with the Indians in the vicinity of Galbraith's Landing, later named Fort Steele.

        In 1877 he bought District Lots 182 and 183 from the Hon. H. P. P. Crease for $3500. in Vancouver. These lots are included in the present day Vancouver. Following the Incorporation of the City of Vancouver in the Spring of 1886 and it's destruction by fire two months later, Dr. Powell gave four lots on Powell Street as a site for a permanent City Hall. It was occupied by the City for eleven years.

        Dr. Powell was an advocate of higher education and was one of those responsible for the passing of the Act establishing the University of British Columbia in 1890 and he was named the first Chancellor on October of that year.

        His eyesight showed the first signs of failing in 1893 and the last few years of his life were passed in semi-darkness, but maintained his brightness of mind and keenness of interest.

        In 1914, a few months before his death, he presented to the Provincial Archives a priceless treasure, the Journal of John Stuart, the companion of Simon Fraser in the exploration of the wilderness West of the Rockies, which had been in his possession for half a century.

        On January 25th, 1915 Dr. and Mrs. Powell celebrated their golden wedding anniversary. Just one month later on February 25th, 1915 he slept away into eternity.

        British Columbia's membership in Confederation is a testimonial to his efforts in the field of active politics. Free Public Schools in the Province and the great University at Point Grey are monuments to his work as a pioneer in the realms of education, and the great Masonic Brotherhood recalls with gratitude his activities in that ancient Lodge. The Indian tribes have not forgotten that he was their first champion. Truly few men have left such a splendid record of unselfish devotion and achievement for the public good then has Lt. Col. Israel Wood Powell, M.D., C.M."



The Powell's of Nanteos

1705 - 1967

Col John Jones of Nanteos who was known to have raised the Cardigan Militia in support of King Charles I during the Civil War. He had three daughters - Mary, Anne and Elinor. His daughter Anne succeeded at Nanteos on her father's death in 1666.

Anne married Cornelius Le Brun who was born in Cologne Germany. He came over to Wales to work on the lead and silver mines as a mining engineer, and made his wealth. In 1674 he became the High Sheriff of the County. He died in 1705 and Nanteos was left to his only child Averina.

Averina Le Brun (1675 - 1728) married William Powell (1658 - 1738) of Llechwedd Dyrus, which was situated across the Paith Valley from Nanteos. William was the son and heir of Sir Thomas Powell K. C. who was Knighted by King James II in 1688 and was one of the Judges on Kings Bench.

William Powell and Averina lived at Nanteos after the death of Cornelious Le Brun in 1705. They had five children - Thomas, William, John, Anne and Elizabeth. William died in 1738, and the estate was passed down to the eldest son Thomas.

Thomas Powell (1699 - 1752) began to build the present Nanteos, in 1738 immediately on the death of his father. He married Mary Frederick, grand-daughter of Sir John Frederick, Lord Mayor of London in 1662. It was her wealth that built Nanteos, but sadly Thomas died before completion of Nanteos with no issue, (though it is said that there was an illegitimate son). Nanteos was left to his brother William.

The Reverend William Powell took over the estate in 1752 on the death of  his brother Thomas. He married Elizabeth Owen, eldest daughter of Athelstan Owen of Rhiwsaeson, Montgomeryshire. William was ordained deacon in the diocese of Lincoln in 1731 and was made D.C.L. in 1763. He died in 1780, with issue - a daughter and a son Thomas.

Thomas Powell (1745 - 1797) married Eleanor the eldest daughter of Edward Maurice Corbett of Ynysmaengwyn, Merioneth. Thomas became High Sheriff of the County in 1785. They had five children William Edward, Thomas John, Richard Owen, Elinor Elizabeth and Anna Corbetta Hanna Maria. Thomas died of an epileptic fit on a street in London in 1797. The estate was left to the eldest son William Edward, but he was only nine years old, he was too young to run the estate. His mother Eleanor took her young family to live in France, (where later she died). During this time in France Nanteos was let to Samuel Pocock Esq.

William Edward Powell (1788 - 1854) took over the estate at the age of 21, in 1809. By 1810 he was the High Sheriff of the County and married Laura Phelps, eldest daughter of James Sacksville Tufton Phelps, of Coston House Leics. They had two children William and Cornelius . Sadly Laura died in 1822. He married again in 1841 to Harriet Dell, widow of George Ackers of Moreton Hall, Cheshire. William Edward died aged 66 and the estate was left to the eldest son William.

William Thomas Rowland Powell (1815 - 1878). He married Rosa Edwyna Cherry in 1839 eldest daughter of William George Cherry of Buckland Herefordshire. They had two children George and Harriet. Harriet sadly died at the age of 13. William T. R. Powell became a Member of Parliament in 1859 and 1865. In later years he was confined to a wheelchair, and died in 1878 and left the estate to his only son George.

George Ernest John Powell (1842 - 1882). After the death of his mother in 1860, George who never got on with his father left the family home. He never returned until the death of W. T. R. Powell, eighteen years later. George the most interesting character of the Powell family. Educated in Eton then on to Oxford where he met Charles Algernon Swinburne the famous poet. George himself also published a few poetry books. His most famous publication is the Icelandic Translations.

In 1878 George returned to Nanteos to run the family estate. During this time he tried to establish a free library at Aberystwyth but it was unsuccessfull. He married Dinah Harries in 1880, from Goodwick Fishguard, but sadly a year later he died with no issue at the age of forty years. The estate was left to his second cousin William B. Powell.

William Beauclerk Powell, (George's fathers 1st cousin, Richard Owen Powell's son). Bequeathed Nanteos in 1882. He married Anna Maria Lewes in 1864, 3rd daughter of David Lewis of Bronavon Cardiganshire. They had one issue, Edward born in 1870. They lived at Nanteos until 1911, when William and Anna died within days of each other, leaving the estate to their only child Edward.

Edward Athelstan Lewis Powell (1870 - 1930) married Margaret Lousia Joan Pryse, which united two of the largest estates in Cardiganshire. Gogerddan and Nanteos after centuries of disagreement. But their marriage was scared by tragedy - their only son born in 1899 was killed in action in Buvignes France during the First World War, on the 6th November 1918, just 18 years old. Edward Powell lived on until 1930. In 1930 the Powell male line at Nanteos came to an end.

Margaret Lousia Joan Pryse Powell (1862 - 1951) continued to live at Nanteos until her death in 1951. This was the end of the Powell family at Nanteos. She bequeathed the mansion and the estate to Mrs Elizabeth Mirylees, a distant relation of Edward Powell.

Major Mirylees, and his wife Elizabeth moved into Nanteos with their daughters in 1956 and lived there until they sold in 1967.

Rose and Geoff Bliss bought Nanteos in 1967. Together with their two children Tony and Michael, they open Nanteos to the public. Showing how the Powell’s lived their 'high' life. Thousands of people came to see the stately home, from all over the world.
After 18 years of running Nanteos as a stately home, the Bliss family decided to sell. Nanteos was sold in 1983.

Since 1983 Nanteos has gone through many changes of occupancy. Finally it was converted into a Hotel in 1989, restored in elegant preference to the historical aspect of the mansion. Giving a traditional feel to the guests of a local County House. 




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