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Notable & Place Names

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  • Ashcroft, BC                Named after the Ashcroft Ranch, home of the Cornwall brothers, Clement and Henry.    


  • Ashcroft Creek


  • Ashcroft Manor           In 1862 there arrived in British Columbia Clement Francis Cornwall, a Cambridge B.A. and a barrister of the Inner Temple.  That same year he and his brother Henry established a ranch, which they called Ashcroft Manor after their family home in England.  Here they raised wheat, installed a mill and sold flour to the packers and miners passing by on the Cariboo Road.  Ashcroft Manor became a major stopping-place for travellers between Kamloops and Spence's Bridge, and the Cornwall's grew famous for their hospitality.  Hundreds of persons arrived for the annual races held on the Cornwall Flats (the brothers had imported an Arabian stud).  The Ashcroft Hunt pursued the coyote instead of the fox, but its hounds had been brought around the Horn from England.

ClementCornwall.jpg (37139 bytes)

C.F. Cornwall

  • Clement F. Cornwall   During the time of the Crown Colony, C. F. Cornwall was a member of the Legislative Assembly.  When B.C. entered the Canadian confederation, he became one of the senators representing the province in Ottawa.  In 1881 he resigned his senatorship and began a six-year period as Lieutenant-Governor of British Columbia.         Brother-in-law to Arthur G. W. Pemberton.


  • Cornwall Creek           Named after Clement Francis and Henry Cornwall.


  • Brew Creek                  Named after Chartres Brew, 1st. Inspector of police in new Colony of British Columbia.


  • Brew Island                  Named after Chartres Brew.          Brother-in-law to A. F. Pemberton.


  • Brew, Mount                Named after Chartres Brew (1815-70), Crimean War veteran and Inspector of Constabulary, Cork, Ireland, who in 1858 was appointed first Inspector of Police for the infant colony of British Columbia. A year later he was appointed Chief Gold Commissioner.  He ended up as county court judge at Barkerville.



  • The epitaph, said to have been written by Judge Begbie, on his grave in Barkerville cemetery reads:  A man imperturbable in courage and temper, endowed with a great and varied administrative capacity, a most ready wit, and most pure integrity and a most human heart.


  • Mount Brew                 Named after Chartres Brew.


  • Brew Point                    Named after Jane Brew, " Mrs. Augustus F. Pemberton".    Sister to Chartres Brew.


A. F. Pemberton

  • Augustus F. Pemberton  Magistrate and Commissioner of Police for Vancouver Island.          Uncle to Joseph D. Pemberton.


  • Mount Cayley              Named after Beverley Cochrane Cayley.          1st. cousin once removed to Robert P. Kennedy.

CayleyPowderMtnPano.jpg (158821 bytes)

Mt. Cayley

  •  Skiing Mt. Cayley


James & Caroline Kennedy

  • Kennedy Trail              James Kennedy built Surrey's first Trail in 1861.      


  • Kennedy Heights        Named after James Kennedy.   Between 1861-1865, James Kennedy purchased the area now known as Kennedy.


  • Map of Kennedy Heights


  • James Kennedy           Mrs. Kennedy was first white woman to New Westminster, BC April 1859.         Grandparents to R. P. Kennedy.


  • Kennedy Street            New WestminsterNamed for the Kennedy family, newspaper publishers.  Note: Was Douglas Lane or Douglas Place, 1891-1892. Named for Sir James Douglas, Governor of the Colony of  Vancouver Island and British Columbia, but was changed to Kennedy Street in 1909.

jameskjr (502 x 620).jpg (60733 bytes)

J. M. Kennedy

  • James M. Kennedy      James was first white child to New Westminster, BC  April 1859


  • Kennedy Road            Named for Robert Kennedy and family who turned to farming in Pitt Meadows 1913.


  • Pitt River                       Photo's taken along Pitt and Alouette rivers next to Robert Pemberton Kennedy's farm ,  1937-1959.


  • New West


  • Pemberton, BC            Named after Joseph Despard Pemberton (1821-93).  A graduate of Trinity College, Dublin, Pemberton was brought to this country in 1851 by the H.B.C. as surveyor-general of Vancouver Island, a post which he held until 1864.  Pemberton travelled widely throughout Vancouver Island and indeed British Columbia.

  • In 1857, arriving at Nitinat on the west coast of Vancouver Island after crossing from Cowichan Harbour on the east, Pemberton was confronted by the Nitinat chief and his band back from a victory, the bloody heads of their victims mounted on poles, the long black hair waving in the breeze.  Stepping forward, Pemberton demanded, in Queen Victoria's name, food and canoes.  These he paid for with vouchers scribbled on leaves torn from his notebook.  Needless to say, they were scrupulously honoured by the H.B.C.

  • Pemberton also worked on the mainland and made some of the first surveys in the Pemberton area.  Later in life he founded the real estate firm of Pemberton and Son in Victoria, where Pemberton Road and Despard Avenue are named after him.  His daughter Harriet Susan in her memoirs remembered him as "cheery, bright, and sanguine . . . affectionate without ostentation, of a most amiable nature." 

joseph (451 x 620).jpg (32243 bytes)

J. D. Pemberton

  • J. D. Pemberton             Surveyor-general and member of the first Legislative Assembly and Executive and Legislative Councils in BC.         1st. cousin to Arthur G. W. Pemberton.


  • Despard Avenue         Victoria, BC    Named after J. D. Pemberton.


  • Pemberton Road         Victoria, BC    Named after J. D. Pemberton.


  • Departure Bay              Named by J. D. Pemberton about 1853.

F. B. Pemberton

  • Pemberton & Son        Founded by Joseph D. Pemberton and son Frederick in 1887.


b_01838 Arthur G Pemberton (367 x 600).jpg (37245 bytes)

A. G. W. Pemberton

  • A. G. W. Pemberton      Pre-empted 1,500 acres on N. side of S. Thompson river in 1866.  He was Sheriff of Yale County.    Brother-in-law to Judge Clement F. Cornwall who later became Lieutenant-governor of BC.    Cousin to Joseph D. Pemberton who was a past member of the first House of Assembly,  the Surveyor-general, pass member of the Executive and Legislative Councils in BC.    Nephew to Augustus F. Pemberton, who was Magistrate and Commissioner of Police.   Grandfather to Robert P. Kennedy.


Pemberton Spur 1900

  • Pritchard, BC                When a post office was opened here in 1910, the original name of Pemberton Spur (after Arthur G. W. Pemberton, who Pre-empted 1,500 acres on N. side of S. Thompson river in 1866) was changed to Pritchard, after Walter P. Pritchard who had farmed and run a store here since 1904.


  • Powell River                  Also Powell Lake. After Dr. Israel Wood Powell (1836-1915), first McGill graduate in medicine to practice on the West Coast , first President of the Medical Council of B.C., and first Superintendent of Indian affairs in B.C.

  • Born in Colborne, Upper Canada,  Dr. Powell came to B.C., attracted by the Cariboo gold rush excitement, in 1862.  The following year, already a busy medical man in Victoria, he entered politics as an advocate of responsible government and free education.  His marriage to Jane Branks in 1865 was a singularly happy one.  In 1867 he became Superintendent of Education for British Columbia.  He was an ardent champion of B.C.'s entry into the Canadian confederation.

  • As Superintendent of Indian Affairs for the province he fought hard for better medical and education services for the Indians, and in 1876 took over the medical superintendency himself.  In consequence of his active participation in the Victoria militia, we sometimes find him referred to as Lieut-Col. Powell.  In 1890 Dr. Powell was named first Chancellor of the as yet non-existent University of British Columbia.


  • Powell Lake                   Powell river and lake were named after Israel W. Powell.

  • In 1881 he made a tour of the B.C. coast aboard H.M.S. Rocket whose commander, Lieut-Commander V. B. Orlebar, named Powell River and Powell Lake in honour of his passenger.     


  • Powell River District Municipality        Named after Israel W. Powell.


  • Powell Street                Named after Israel W. Powell.          On July 31, 1886, following the Incorporation of the City of Vancouver in the Spring of 1886 and it's destruction by fire just two months later, Dr. Powell gave four lots on Powell Street as a site for the construction of a permanent City Hall.

drpowell (444 x 620).jpg (38512 bytes)

Dr. I. W. Powell

  • Dr. I. W. Powell            Lt. Col., M.D., C.M.          In 1863 Member of Legislative Assembly - 1865 first Superintendent of Education for BC - 1871 first Grand Master of Grand Lodge in BC - 1872 first Superintendent of Indian Affairs in BC - 1876 he took over the post of Medical Superintendent for the Indians in addition to his other duties -  1886 first  president of the Medical Council of BC - 1890 first chancellor of the University of BC         Mrs. I. W. ( Jane) Powell and Mrs. F. G. (Kate) Vernon are sisters.


  • Grand Lodge                Dr. Israel W. Powell was 1st. Grand Master of Grand Lodge in BC.


walkerpowell (427 x 620).jpg (29929 bytes)

Walker Powell

  • Walker Powell    Adjutant-General of Canada.          Brother to Israel W. Powell.

  • POWELL, Walker, Canadian legislator, born in Norfolk county, Ont.. 20 May, 1828. His paternal grandfather, a loyalist, was born in the province of New York in 1763 and died in Norfolk in 1849, and his father (1801-'52) was a warden of Norfolk county, a lieutenant-colonel of militia, and represented Norfolk county in the legislative assembly of Canada from 1840 till 1847. Walker Powell was educated at Victoria college, and afterward engaged in commercial enterprises. In 1856 he was warden of Norfolk county, and its representative in the Canada assembly from 1857 till 1861. After a long previous connection with the Canadian militia Mr. Powell was appointed deputy adjutant-general of Upper Canada, 19 August, 1862; deputy adjutant-general for the Dominion at headquarters, 1 October, 1868; acting adjutant-general, 22 August, 1873; and adjutant-general, 21 April, 1875, which appointment he now (1888) holds.    (Edited Appletons Encyclopedia)
  • Duneden                       The house was built for Walker Powell in 1853.


  • Dr. F. H. Powell            Assistant Surgeon of NWMP.         Son to Walker Powell.


  • Tatlow                            After the Hon. Robert Garnett Tatlow, at one time finance minister of B.C., and a founder of BC Telephone, killed in a fall from his horse in 1910.    He is the father-in-law to Fitz-Allan V. Cornwall son of Clement F. Cornwall Lieut-Gov. of BC.


  • Vernon, BC                   The Indian name for Vernon, "Hun-cul-deep-moose-chin" means "the jumping-over place."  In 1862 Father Paul Durieu, O.M.I., built a cabin here, an out-station of Okanagan Mission, and thus he gave Vernon its first name of "Priest's Valley."  In 1887 Priest's Valley became "Vernon," in honour of Forbes George Vernon, chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for British Columbia.

F. G. Vernon

  •  F. G. Vernon was born near Dublin in 1843.  After a short period of service as an officer in the British Army, he came to B.C. with his brother Charles in 1863, arriving in the Okanagan with Colonel C. F. Houghton, the first owner of the Coldstream Ranch. This magnificent ranch was bought by the Vernon brothers in 1869, and later passed into the sole ownership of Forbes George Vernon.

  • Vernon entered provincial politics and became a power in the land.  C. W. Holliday preserves a lively recollection of Vernon's electioneering technique as practiced one night in the bar-room of the Ram's Horn at Lumby:

  • Forbes George, a big genial Irishman with a merry twinkle in his eye, sized up his audience, and mounted a barroom chair ---- there was nothing else to mount, and there did not appear to be a chairman . . . he mounted that chair, and , had a representative of the press been present he would have had little trouble reporting the speech, for, holding up his hand to silence the applause, "Gentlemen," he said, "you boys all know me and know all about me, and I am quite sure none of you want to hear me make a speech, so all I will say at present is:  Let us all go and have a drink."  (The Valley of Youth, p. 308).


  • Coldstream Creek        The land along this creek was originally pre-empted in 1863 by Colonel Charles F. Houghton of the 20th Regiment of Foot.  Trutch's map of 1871 shows "Houghton's Coldstream".  In 1869 it passed to the Vernon brothers, and in 1891 Forbes George Vernon sold the estate to Lord Aberdeen, who planted here the first orchard in the Okanagan.

  • G. M. Dawson, a vistor in 1877, reported that on July 8th of that year he found the temperature of the springwater at the head of Coldstream Creek to be 48.5 F.


  • Coldstream District Municipality


  • Coldstream Ranch       The 2nd. owners of 13,000 acre ranch were the Vernon brothers.

lord_aberdeen (620).jpg (33621 bytes)

Lord Aberdeen

          In 1891 Lord Aberdeen bought the Coldstream Ranch from Forbes G. Vernon.




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