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John “YeMan” Cochran                                                          B: Londonderry, Ireland    (5th great - grandfather to Robert P. Kennedy).


Lily Kilgore


Thomas Cochran


Thomas Cochran                                    - 1786                                                       (4th great - grandfather to Robert P. Kennedy).                           


Margaret  ?










Samuel Cochran 1                    Jul. 01, 1764 – 1825                 B: Pelham, Mass


Samuel Cochran 1                    Jul. 01, 1764 – 1825                                     Samuel served in the Revolutionary War in Massachusetts at only sixteen years old.    (3rd great - grandfather to Robert P.  Kennedy).

Wife:                                                                                             Marriage: Abt. Jan. 05, 1785

Margaret Green                                   - 1818                             D: Ohio


Elizabeth (Betsy)




Samuel Cochran 2                    Jun. 29, 1793 – Jul. 04, 1879   B: Cambridge, Vermont

Henry (Harry)

Frances (Fanny)




Samuel Cochran 2                         Jun. 29, 1793 – Jul. 04, 1879    (2nd great - grandfather to Robert P.  Kennedy).

Wife:                                                                                             Marriage: Apr. 04, 1815

Deborah Powell                       Dec. 23, 1795 – Aug. 08, 1862    2nd great - grandmother to Robert P.  Kennedy).




James Powell


Clarissa (Clara)


Phoebe Ann


Samuel H.

William Maurice Cochrane   May 20, 1844 – Oct. 16, 1900  B: Whitby, Ontario


William Maurice Cochrane                                                                          In 1880 moved with family to Moorhead, North Dakota, near the Minnesota border, later to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Around 1887 moved to Kamloops, BC, then in Jan. 1893 moved to Vernon, BC.    He opened a law office in Vernon, BC    (Great - grandfather to Robert P. Kennedy).         

Wife:                                                                                             Marriage: 1866

Adelaide (Addie) Gallagher  Dec. 06, 1848 – Sep. 20, 1920  B: Whitby, Ontario


Catherine Viola (Kate) Cochrane    Aug. 01, 1867 – Jul. 17, 1940  B: Port Perry, Ontario    (Grandmother to Robert P. Kennedy). 

Laura Etta Cochrane

Walter Blair Cochrane

Minnie (Maud) Cochrane

Leonora Adelaide (Nora) Cochrane    1873 - 1934    Married: Hugh St. Quentin Cayley

Maurice Bothwell Cochrane

Arthur Ormiston Cochrane

Frank Burnham Cochrane



b_01839_Mrs._A._G._Pemberton_photo.gif (75601 bytes)

Kate Cochrane 

Catherine Viola (Kate) Cochrane        Aug. 01, 1867 - July 17, 1940    Born in Port Perry, Ontario

Husband:                                                                                      Marriage: Sep. 15, 1888

Arthur_G_Pemberton_b_01838.gif (92041 bytes)

Arthur Pemberton

Arthur G. W. Pemberton         Nov. 17, 1841 – Oct. 08, 1907  B: London, England    (Grandfather to Robert P. Kennedy). 


FannyPemberton_age_21.jpg (45280 bytes)


Fanny Viola Pemberton         May 25, 1890 – 1986                  B: Kamloops. BC


Fanny Viola Pemberton         May 25, 1890 – 1986                                    Fanny moved from Pitt Meadows in the Fraser Valley to Tappen Valley on Aug. 31, 1967.    (Mother to Robert P. Kennedy). 

Husband:                                                                                       Marriage: 1911

KennedyRobert_390_x_600.jpg (34091 bytes)

Robert Kennedy

Robert Kennedy                       Aug. 15, 1861 – Nov. 11, 1946  B: New Westminster


Robert P. Kennedy                  May 25, 1912 – Jul 13, 1996                        Robert moved his family from Pitt Meadows in the Fraser Valley to Tappen Valley on Apr. 21, 1959.





The Sentinel News Paper Kamloops Saturday Sept. 22, 1888



On Saturday, the 15th inst, the marriage of Mr. Pemberton and Miss Cochrane took place. The wedding party assembled in the church at 10.30, and numbered some thirty guests. The church, which was crowed, had been decorated with flowers, two large and six small vases of white asters, &c. were on the altar, the organ was also handsomely decorated.
The scene was very imposing as the bridal party walked up the aisle, the choir singing hymn 357, A. and M. "How welcome was the call, at the end of which Canon Cooper began that service, which was once described as the service beginning with "Dearly beloved," and ending with "Amazement !" Be that as it may there is a wonderful power and solemnity in the Church of England "Form for the solemnization of matrimony." The sacred character of the rite is clearly brought out in the two distinct parts of the service. First, what may be called the betrothal which is ordained to take place in the body of the church, and ends with the blessing "God the Father, &c," then the more distinctly religious or Christian part of which is taken at the altar. The psalm between these parts having been chanted by the choir, the service was concluded.
The wedding party and guests assembled at the Grand Pacific hotel, where a really sumptuous banquet was most tastefully laid out in the parlor and adjoining room. The resources of the Grand Pacific were all called into requisition, and the result was most satisfactory, reflecting much credit of the management of Mr. and Mrs. Jones.
The health of the bride and bridegroom was proposed by Mr. Mara in a complimentary speech. It was received with great heartiness, and responded to by the bridegroom, who proposed the health of the brides maids, Miss Maude and Miss Lenora Cochrane. Dr. Furrier, principle groomsman (who had been assisted in his arduous duties by Mr. Hussey), replied for the bridesmaids in a most humorous speech, which kept the table in a roar of merriment. His pathetic description, evidently founded on his own experience of the woes of an unfortunate bachelor, the longings of his heart for sympathy, and his yearnings for some ministering angel to sew the buttons on his shirts, was very touching and could not fail to excite those feelings of pity that are akin to love in the hearts of many young and disengaged damsels.
Canon Cooper then proposed the health of Mr. and Mrs. Cochrane, which toast was feelingly replied to by Mr. Cochrane.
The happy couple left at 12 o'clock in a carriage and pair for Kingsbury, amidst a shower of rice and old shoes.
The bride was charmingly dressed in cream satin and lace gown, white vail and wreathes of orange flowers. A goodly array of presents were laid out in the parlor, of which following is a list, with the names of the donor:
J. A. Mara, M P, and Mrs. Mara, silver cake basket; G. B. Martin, M P P, and Miss. Martin, silver water pitcher; Dr. and Mrs. Tunstall, silver pickle stand; Mr. and Mrs. Spinks, silver salad dish; Mr. and Mrs. Birkett, Ottawa, silver butter dish; Mr. and Mrs. Bannerman, C P R, China tea set; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Smith, Chinese cabinet; Mr. and Mrs. Saucier, silver card receiver; Mrs. Thompson, satin banner; Mr. and Mrs. Wentworth Woods, silver napkin rings; Dr. Furrier, silver fruit dish; Mr. Fred Hussey, government agent, silver cake basket; R. Lea-Barns, agent Bank B.C, silver butter dish; Mr. F. J. Jones, postmaster, China Vases; Miss. Kennedy, New Westminster, silver salt cellar, and others.


Daily Province, Thursday, July 18th, 1940

"Mrs. Kate Viola Pemberton, 72, died Wednesday at her home 2772 - E. 26th.  Mrs. Pemberton,  who was born in Port Perry, Ont.  was the wife of the late Arthur G. Pemberton.  She and her husband were pioneer residents of Kamloops District where they settled over 50 years ago.  After the death of Mr. Pemberton she came to Vancouver 20 years ago.
Survivors are a daughter,  Mrs. Robert Kennedy,  Pitt Meadows, B.C.,  and two brothers,  Frank B. Cochrane of Vancouver,  and Maurice Cochrane of Vernon.
The body will be shipped to Kamloops Friday night by Bowell and Sons and the funeral will be held on Sunday in the Interior City.
    (Grandmother to Robert Kennedy).


Notice in Inland Sentinal

Kamloops Sep. 22, 1888    MARRIED    PEMBERTON - COCHRANE -    In the Church of England, Kamloops, on the 15th last,  by Canon W. H. Cooper,  F.R.G.S., Incumbent, Arthur Gore William Pemberton,  of Kingsbury, BC,  son of the Rev. A. G. Pemberton,  Vicar of Kensal Green, London, England, to Kate Viola,  eldest daughter of W. M. Cochrane, Solicitor, Kamloops BC




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